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How to Navigate the Application Tracking

This tutorial will explain how loan officers can begin using the MortgageDashboard loan origination software. It will provide a basic understanding of the application’s functions and pages.


  1. From the Pipeline screen, click on the loan ID of the application you would like to view.
  2. Under the “Processing” tab on the top of the screen, choose “Application Tracking”
  3. Under “Document Tracking” you can select the correct template that you would like to use for the application. Under, “Document”, it will let you know the “Sent”, “Received”, and “Due” date for the documents.
  4. Users can add any new required, important or optional documents by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of each section.
  5. Clicking “Save Document Tracking” will store information for you.
  6. You can add any information to the application here. Click “Post Message” when finished.
  7. Any Borrower Notes can be saved in this section. Click “Save Borrower Note” when finished.
  8. In this section, you can select the proper template for your closing conditions and you can also add any new conditions to close by selecting the plus sign. Click “Save Conditions to Close” when finished.