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How to Navigate the HMDA Report

This tutorial will explain how loan officers can begin using the MortgageDashboard loan origination software. It will provide a basic understanding of the application’s functions and pages.


  1. From the Pipeline screen, click on the loan ID of the application you would like to view.
  2. Under the “Processing” tab on the top of the screen, choose “HMDA Report”
  3. Under the “Loan Information” tab, you can add the opened and closed date, as well as the property type and loan purpose.
  4. “The Property Information” section includes required information like the MAC Number, State Code, County Code and Census Tract.
  5. Under “Liends, Revenues” slect whether the loan is HDEPA, it’s lien status and revenue code.
  6. Originator information includes the action date, the action taken type and type of purchaser.
  7. Under “Reasons for Denial”, you can add up to three reasons for denying a loan.